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Writing a Character Letter to a Judge

According to the character reference writing service, a character reference letter to a judge shouldn’t be written by the person who is important but by the person who can say something positive about the defendant or by the person who has known him for some time. It shows that the defendant is an important member of the society who deserves leniency in sentencing.

Why a Character Letter to a Judge Is so Important?

In traffic cases and criminal law, when a judge finds a person guilty for an offence, he must impose a penalty of the crime. Letter of character to a judge is an important part of this process. A good character reference letter can persuade the judge to impose a less severe penalty on accused person.

It can be one of the most important and the crucial document to be presented in the favor of a defendant. It helps to focus those qualities of an accused person that his lawyer is trying to showcase in the court. The duration of penalty can be minimized through this letter.

The personal reference to a judge is extremely important document in the court as sometimes it can change the verdict or shift the entire balance. Before giving the penalty, the judge will read the letter and it will help him.

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Character Letter Writing Format

Writing a character reference letter for court is different and important.  It should establish the full character of the defendant and it should be respectful along with other things. The typed letter is better than the written one. But if you have to write it, then make handwriting as legible as possible. You should use the letterhead if you have access. Otherwise, the format of the letter of character to a judge can be as follows:

  1. Give personal information: In case you are not using the letterhead, you have to give your personal information for the identification. You have to write your name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number and email address leave the blank line and then write date at the top left. Again, leave a blank and write the title, name of judge and address of the court.
  2. Indicate the reason of your writing: Beneath the address, you have to write the subject of the letter. Write Re (indicates regarding) which is followed by the brief identification phrase.
  3. Salutation: Write “The Honorable” to start the message.

First paragraph: Start by introducing yourself and state the type of your work. You have to show that you have a positive relationship with the defendant and he is a respective and productive member of community.

Second paragraph: You have to write that you are familiar with the charges that defendant has to face but you are still offering your support.

Third paragraph: Give the reasons of your support. Tell the court about the character and the values of the person.

Give your detail: Give your contact detail. In case it is needed, you can be reached. Write your name, contact number and address.

Tips for Writing

Character reference letter for court is one of the most important documents. A person should be very careful during its writing. To write the most persuasive character letter here are the tips for you:

  1. Establish the credibility: In the first paragraph author should establish the credibility and he should inform the judge how and from how long he knows the person.
  2. Avoid landmines: Jury’s verdict or detract from acceptance responsibility of the defendant is the biggest mistake. Avoid such phrases.
  3. Give full detail: Always keep in mind that you are going to write for the judge, so you should the letter strategically to give the detail information about the character of the person.
  4. Write verifiable information: Judge sometimes ask for to verify s letter. So, make sure that the information you are giving can be verified. Your contact information will make it easy to verify the letter.
  5. Be specific: You should be specific while you are writing the letter. Don’t give the extra detail which is not necessary. Your letter shouldn’t be lengthy, but it must contain the full character view of the person.
  6. Check with attorney: Every court has different filing requirements. Letter shouldn’t be sent directly to the court but to the defense attorney.
  7. Know what you are asking: End your letter with same credibility as you built at the start of the letter and make a reasonable request whether you are asking for minimum sentence or sentence under guideline range.
  8. Reference line or the address of court: Don’t worry about the reference line, case number or the address of the court as the letter will be delivered to the defense attorney. He will make sure that letter is get into the court and filed into respective case.
  9. Don’t give your suggestion: Don’t suggest the magistrate or the judge about the penalty. Don’t criticize the police, law or victim.
  10. Don’t antagonize: Don’t antagonize the magistrate or the judge to whom the letter is addressed.

Where and When Do You Send the Character Reference?

Although character reference letter for court is addressed to the judge or magistrate, it should not to be sent to the court directly. Hand it to the lawyer or to the accused person. The lawyer will check that whether it is necessary for the offending involved or whether it can be helpful to case.

Send it as early as possible and before the hearing of court. Upon checking the letter lawyer may learn about the accused which may be helpful in hearing.

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