Character Letter Definition

Character letter is also called a character reference letter and personal reference letter. It can be defined as a recommendation letter, which is written by a person, who is not your colleague or boss. Character letters tell about your personality and abilities instead of working ethics, experience and skills. Character letter is required in many places. You may need it as a part of your job application, school admission application or for the membership of any organization. You can write a character reference letter for a friend and ask him to write one for you when you need. It should be written properly as it is considered one of the key documents, which play an important role.

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How Character Letter Differs from Letter of Recommendation?

When it comes to character letter writing it is usually confused with a recommendation letter. But one should be very clear about it that a character letter is different when compared with the recommendation letter. Here we are discussing some key differences between the two letters.

Character Letter VS Recommendation Letter
Character Letter
Recommendation Letter
The writer of the character letter gives it to the student or employee, whatever the case is.
A recommendation letter is usually sent to the university or the organization directly. The concerned person doesn’t get to see it, usually.
A character letter is a general letter written about the personality, abilities, teamwork and work ethics of a person.
A recommendation letter is more specific. Your experience and performance with reference to a particular job or project are mentioned. Those skills and abilities are discussed, which make you an ideal candidate for a particular job.
This is written by the friends usually, who know you well but are not your colleagues. In some cases, family members can also write this letter.
The boss or the director of the project is the ideal person to write a recommendation letter. It can be your teacher as well.
Candidates are required to submit the character letter one week or two weeks before the deadline.
Candidates are requested to ensure that recommendation letters reach in the institution at least a month before the deadline.
Character letter is written with the subject “To whom it may concern”.
A recommendation letter is written by addressing a specific person or institution, whatever the case is.

These are just a few general differences between the two types of letters. Make sure you are very clear about them, before writing your letter. If you are confused about writing a character letter, you can get help from the professional experts. They provide assistance online and can help you in writing a character letter. They can save a lot of your time and effort.

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Types of Character Letters We Can Help With

We provide personal letter writing services to our clients. It’s very important to understand that a single character letter cannot be used at different places. You have to ask for a different character letter in different cases. We can write every type of character letter for you. Here we are mentioning some common types.

Rental Property
This character letter is required when you need to rent a property. We will write it to ensure the landlord that you have a secure income source and you are a responsible person. We will write it as your friend and make him realize that you are a clean and tidy person.
If you need character reference letter for court, it means you are facing some lawsuit against you. We can write this you. If someone has requested you to write this letter for him, you may wonder how I write a character reference letter for court. You have to be positive about the person.
We can write your character reference for a job. Our experts will write this according to the nature of the job, you are applying to. We will ensure the employers that you are an ideal candidate for this post and he will not regret hiring you. Our writers know about the key qualities to mention in your character letter for a job.
You may be asked to write a character reference letter for immigration. This is more important if you are the resident of that country, in which immigrant is trying to enter. However, if you don’t want to put your friend at risk, we are here to help you. Let our experts write a character letter for immigration on your behalf.
Family Member
You may need to write this letter for your son, daughter, cousin or any other family member. Personal letter of recommendation for a family member is required when your family member wants to join a club or group and he has applied for a job. Our experts are there to help you if you are too busy to write it.
This character letter is required when a person apply for a sales position. Our experts can write this letter to you or on your behalf. Our professional writers know that in this kind of letter they have to convince the recruiter that you are the most suitable person for the job, with a lot of experience.
Your dentist friend may need this letter when he is looking for a new job. Our professional writers have experience of writing this. They know that qualities like sympathy, patient care and working under time constraint should be mentioned in this kind of letter. If you are confused, let us help you.
If a family member or friend wants to join the military, he may request you to write this letter. You have to mention his leadership abilities and how obedient he is. However, many people have no idea about the content. Our professional writers can write this letter to you, without any mistake.
This letter is required when someone gives your name on his resume for reference. You need to write this letter to the company or person, where he is applying for the job. However, it’s very tricky. If you have no idea about the content, we can help you to write this letter.
If your friend is looking for a nursing job, he may request you to write this letter. Like many others, if you have no idea about the content, don’t worry. Our experts can write it on your behalf. They know the content of the letter and all the formatting details. We can write this letter in a short time.
When a couple files an application in any organization for the adoption of a child, they may need this character letter. You have to mention their caring and loving nature and love for the children. If you are finding it difficult to write, we can help you to write this letter.
Teaching is a very rewarding job. Your friend can ask you to write this letter if he is interested in this profession. Our experts can help you to write this. We will mention his teaching abilities and commitment for the profession. We know how to write it properly. Don’t worry, we won’t let you down.
When a person wants to be a part of the research project as a researcher, he requests to write this letter to him. Our experts know what the qualities are a scientist wants in his research assistant and our writers will write character letter according to that. We will do the proper formatting as well.
Medical School
Medical schools require character letters from all applicants. Outstanding grades, ambition about medical and intelligence of the applicant should be mentioned in this letter. Our expert writers know all the requirements. We have helped a number of students by writing a character letter for them. You can also take advantage of our service.
Graduate School
This letter is the part of the application for graduate school admission. It is very important to write this letter perfectly. Let our professionals help you. Our experts know what should be the content of the letter. They edit and format it properly, to ensure that it has no mistakes.
If someone is looking for a sports scholarship or wants to join a sports club, he will need this letter. We will mention his fitness and enthusiasm about the game. A character letter can make all the difference. Our writers can write a perfect one for you, giving a boost to your career.
Visa / Green Card
It is required when a person applied for a green card. Our writers know about the content details and formatting requirements for this character letter. We have helped many people, who got their green card successfully. Don’t miss your chance and let our experts help you to get this card.
When someone applies for an internship in an institution, it is one of the requirements. We have written character reference letter for many and they have completed their internship successfully. Our writers make sure that the content is error free and exactly according to the requirements. That is the reason, they are always successful.
Golf Club
Golf club require their members to submit a character letter before they become the member. Majority of the people have no idea about the content. Our writing experts can write this letter to you and you will get a membership without any problem. We can write this letter with a short time deadline too.
University students, no matter what is the subject of their choice, need to submit this letter as a part of their admission application. It is a very important letter for the admission and we understand that. Our writers can write a perfect character letter for you, which can play a key role in your admission.
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Our Character Letter Writing Services

We offer character letter writing services for our clients, which is also called a letter of support. Our character letter writing services include:

Writing Services
We can write your character letter, no matter for what reason you need this. We have professional writers, who are well trained to write this letter. They can write quality content for you, with perfection.
Editing and Proofreading Help
We will not only write your letter but do the editing and proofreading as well. We have experts for this job, who make your letters error-free. They change the sentence structure and remove all kinds of spelling and grammatical errors
Character letter is an official document, so it should be properly formatted. Our experts know the formatting details. They can format your letter, perfectly.

In short, you will get a perfectly written letter, which will be ready for the submission. You can use your time in something more important and we can write this letter for you, no matter how short the deadline is.  

Our Benefits

We offer different benefits to our clients. We believe in providing top quality services and make sure that our clients are satisfied.  Here is a brief list of the benefits, which our clients can enjoy by working with us.

  • Expert writers, who can write a character letter for any purpose.
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  • Proper formatting
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  • We can handle short deadlines too.
  • Affordable prices
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We help our clients and write top quality character letters for them. Our services are available for a very affordable fee. You can also take advantage of our service and get your character letter quickly.

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