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Writing a Character Reference Letter for Student

When we talk about the reference letter, students need these letters more than anyone else. If a student needs to get admission in a school or college, he needs to attach this letter with his application. If he wants to join a sports club, he needs this letter and if he wants to do a summer job, the employer can ask him to bring a character reference letter first. This shows the importance of this letter. Students are young fellows and people at education institutions and work places want to know about their personality and interests before they enroll or hire them. You may also discover all the secrets of writing a character reference letter for a teacher.

Character reference letter for student is written by keeping the particular purpose in mind. It highlights the achievements of the student and those qualities which make him an ideal choice for the admission or job. It’s very important to mention those personality traits, which actually matter for this job.

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How to Require a Character Reference Letter for Student?

If you need a reference letter for student, you need to approach that person, who knows you well.

You can contact your teachers, professors or former employers for this purpose. You may have to remind him that how he knows you.

In a large class of students, it’s not possible to remember each and every one. So, it’s better to remind the person. You have to tell him that why you need this letter. It’s better if you give him your CV or the copy of the application. It will be easier for him to write a letter for you and there will not be any mismatching too. If there is something particular to mention in this letter, tell him about that. Moreover, you have to guide him about the submission of the letter. Inform him about the due date. If the there is more time in submission, make sure you remind him again, before the due date.

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What to Include in This Letter?

When you are writing a character letter for high school student, you have to write it carefully. It is very important for his admission or job, whatever the case may be. Following are few things, which must be included in the letter:

  1. Your introduction: You have to tell about yourself. Who you are? How you know the student? Mention the time duration from which you have known each other. It’s very important tool to measure your familiarity for him.
  2. Be specific: Know the reason for writing a character reference letter for a student and write it according to the purpose. include those qualities of him, which are relevant to that specific purpose.
  3. Be enthusiastic: You have to write all the details with enthusiasm. An average letter will not serve the purpose. You have to include all his positive qualities, but the tone should be very enthusiastic.
  4. Your recommendation: You have to clearly mention that you strongly recommend this person for the job or admission. Your recommendation really matters.
  5. Examples: You have to quote an incident or example about his positive attitude, with respect to the purpose of this letter. A list of adjectives will not be enough, you have to show them that, he is the right choice.
  6. Your contact information: In the end, you have to include your contact information. Provide your contact number or email address and offer them to contact you if they need more information.

Tips on Writing

Writing a reference letter for a student is a tricky business. You may find following tips helpful. But these are just the tips, you have to write the letter according to the purpose, for which he needs it. Character letter for student sample can also help you.

  1. Do a little homework first. It’s better to make a sketch in mind or draw an outline before writing about student’s character.
  2. You can ask for his updated CV to know about his academic achievements.
  3. When you start writing focus on his personality and those abilities which can be useful for the reader.
  4. Don’t exaggerate his qualities. You have to write in positive tine, but you should be honest too.
  5. You can split the letter in different paragraphs, if you need. But make sure it is not more than a page.
  6. Don’t provide unnecessary details about yourself. Your introduction and contact information are required, only.
  7. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You are his mentor, so it’s should be perfectly written.
  8. Don’t write the same letter for many students. Write a personalized letter for your student, if you want him to succeed.
  9. Ask him if there is something specific to mention and focus on that particularly.
  10. Editing and proofreading is very necessary.
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