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Writing a Character Reference Letter for Scholarship

We all want scholarships, high fee, less employment opportunities and competition in universities force people to look for the scholarships. Different scholarships are offered for the students by the government agencies and other institutions. However, students need character reference letter for scholarship.

Character reference letter from the best character reference letter writing service is required because of many reasons. Firstly, character letter acts as endorsement for the person. The admission committee sees him as a person, who is multidimensional, and this scholarship can change his life. Secondly, if the scholarship is for a particular subject or field, like math or engineering, the focus of the character letter writers should be on the subject particularly. It will express his expertise and interest in that particular subject. Moreover, if the scholarship is need-based or merit-based, it will show the committee that the students deserve it. These are just the few reasons to write a character reference letter for scholarship application. There can be many more too, depending on the special circumstances.

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Before Writing Your Letter…

Here are a few things which you should consider before you write letter of reference for scholarship:

  1. Character letter for scholarship is very important for the student. So, if you feel that you don’t know the person well or you don’t have enough information to write a character letter for him, decline his or her request. It’s better to say No, instead of running his chances to get scholarship.
  2. Get the complete information about the scholarship. A variety of scholarships is available for the students. If you are not well aware of the scholarship, you may not be able to write it properly.
  3. Try to know the demands of the scholarship. If the scholarship is for medical students, highlight the skills and abilities of your students in biology and other related subjects.
  4. Discuss the details with the student. You can ask for his CV and other documents, to match your information with the actual qualification he has.

Before writing reference letter for scholarship, make a rough idea in your mind. Write about his abilities, which you should mention in the letter. Think about the practical examples, which you can mention to strengthen your claim about his abilities. You can talk about the projects and skills in the lab.

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What to Include in Your Letter?

If you read a reference letter for scholarship sample, you can get an idea about what to include in your letter. Here are few thing, which you must consider:

  1. You must include how you know the student. You may be his coach at the gym or teacher in the college or lab instructor. No matter, how you know the student, you have to mention that clearly. You know the type of scholarship he is applying for, write about his abilities particularly with reference to that scholarship. Mention them in such a way, that he is the most appropriate and deserving student for this scholarship.
  2. You must include his personality traits like hardworking, honesty and passion about the particular field.
  3. You have to clearly recommend him for this scholarship. You must say that how confident you are about the abilities of the student that he will do something extraordinary if he gets this scholarship.
  4. You must include your contact information in the end and invite them to contact you if they need more information.

What Not to Include in Your Letter?

If you have negative opinion about the student, you should decline his request to write this letter for him. Here are few things, which you must avoid while writing a letter for public scholarships:

  1. Avoid the use of common words which are not very impactful. Words like hardworking, intellectual and curious are very commonly used. They don’t really leave an impression. So, the use of such words and clinches must be avoided.
  2. Moreover, if it’s a merit scholarship, you should write about the extraordinary abilities of the student. If you write him as “above average” student, it will not work. Avoid this kind of ratings.
  3. When you are talking about the general qualities and abilities of the student, don’t write just the adjectives. If you will write an incident, that will be more useful, instead of writing a list of adjectives.

If the student is applying for different scholarships, don’t write the same letter for every scholarship. It’s better to customize the letter for every scholarship you write for him. Example of a character letter for scholarship can make these things clear for you.

10 Tips on Writing Character Reference Letter for Scholarship

  1. Tailor the letter according to the type of scholarship. Character reference letter for military will be different form the character reference letter for scholarship.
  2. Write about the student with enthusiasm.
  3. Use impactful words instead of clinches, which are commonly used.
  4. Write according to the nature of scholarship award.
  5. Write incidents and stories about his abilities, instead of just telling his character.
  6. Highlight those strengths which are related to the scholarship.
  7. Edit your letter before submission. Make sure it has no mistakes and errors.
  8. If you are busy you can ask for the help from the character reference letter writing service as well.
  9. Don’t write a long letter, provide concise information.
  10. Write the letter in such a way that it boosts the chances to the student to get scholarship and he stands different from the other candidates.
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