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Writing a Character Reference Letter for Military

Like many other fields, character reference letter for military is also required. Military is considered as one of the most sensitive occupations and people with criminal record and disciplinary issues are not allowed to be a part of military departments. In writing a character letter like character letter for the military, the writer ensures the department that person is physically active and has no criminal records against him.

This is a formal document which is very necessary if someone wants to join any military department. It should be written that how smoothly a military department can run, if this person joins it. The physical fitness and mental strength are focused in these kinds of letters. Moreover, it’s also important to mention the obedience of the person.

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Who to Select?

This is very important question that if you need character reference letter for military enlistment, who is the right person to write this letter for you. The most suitable person is the one, who is from the military background. No matter, in which department he had served, if you have someone in your family or close friends, who had served in military or in service now, he is the right choice to write this letter. He will be able to discuss your personal qualities and will be able to convince the selection committee that you have abilities to meet the military challenges.

If someone is not available for writing a character letter in your family and friends, you can request someone from any other government department. If no one is available and you have no idea about the content, you can hire writing services too. The writing services have professional experts to write character reference letter for military discharge or character letter for military court. They know the key points, which should be mentioned. You can read character letter for military example, it can give you idea about the content and you can decide who can write this kind of letter for you.

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Format of Character Reference Letter for Military

Character reference letter is a one-page document, which provides concise information about the character of the person, who wants to join a military department. However, you have to write it in a formal way, as it can be a crucial document for the concerned person. The format of this letter is mentioned here, which can help you to write a perfect one.

Start with the salutation. You can address the head of the department, which the person wants to join. If the name of the person is not known, or it’s not clear that who should be addressed, “To Whom It May Concern” will also work.


In the first paragraph, you have to introduce yourself. Who you are and how you know this person. If you had served in military, you have to mention the name of your department, the designation on which you worked and the time period for which you served. After that, you have to tell that how you know this person if he is a family or friend or someone else and from how long you have known each other.


The further content can be written as a one paragraph or divided into two or three small paragraphs, as you find appropriate. But you have to express the abilities of the person which can make him a better fit in this particular department of military. You can see character letter for military example and make your own list. Don’t copy from the examples of a character letter for military. Just get the idea and write in your own words. Remember that you have to provide the concise information only, don’t write stories and unnecessary details.


In the end, you have to clearly mention that you are recommending this person for The Army or military school whatever the case is. Write your contact information and offer to contact you, if further information is required. In the end, don’t forget to sign the document.

Top 5 Tips on Writing

Here are few tips to write character letter for military, which you will find helpful:

  1. Tell the truth: It’s important to provide correct information in any character letter, but when it comes to military there is no chance to tell a lie. Military people do their own investigation and telling a lie will be of no use. So, make sure whatever you write it true.
  2. Concise writing: No one is interested in reading long stories. Write concise letter and make sure it’s less than a page long.
  3. Format: Keep the proper format in mind. Write short paragraphs and mention your name and contact in the end.
  4. Decline the request to write: If you don’t know the person or you have negative opinion about him, it’s better to decline his request to write character reference for him.
  5. Edit: After writing edit and proofread your letter. Make sure it has no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
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