writing a strong character reference letter for landlord

Writing a Character Reference Letter for Landlord

According to the character reference services, when someone needs to get a property or house on rent, the landlord may ask him to produce a character reference letter. If your friend or a coworker or a family member asks you to write character reference letter for landlord, you need to understand the purpose of this letter. If you are a landlord, your tenant can also ask you to write this letter for him. Landlords want to give their property to a safe person, who keep their property safely and creates no troubles for the people around them.

Importance of Character Reference Letter

Before you write character letter for landlord, you need to understand that why landlord requires this letter. Basically, he wants to cross check the information provided by the person himself. In character reference letter for a landlord you explain how responsible the person is. In this letter, you mention the qualities about which landlords are concerned about.

You have to describe things like how dutifully he pays the rent, how responsible he is about the utility bills, his cleaning habits and his attitude to care his neighbors.

In character reference letter, you also mention that how you know the person and provides your contact information as well, so when he needs to know something about the person, he can contact you. The landlord uses this letter as a reference document. It tells them whom to contact in case of any problem with the tenant.

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When a Potential Tenant Does Not Provide a Reference Letter

When a person requests a landlord to get his house on rent, he usually asks to fill the rental application and a reference letter. However, some people try to avoid and do not provide the reference letter. If you are a landlord and your potential tenant fail to provide reference letter, you can request his present landlord for a reference letter. You have to ask all the related questions, which must be addressed in the reference letter. Here is the list of questions, which you should ask to the landlord:

  1. The time period, for which the person has stayed in his house?
  2. Did he pay his rent-on time?
  3. Was there any problem about the payments?
  4. Did he cause any damage to the property?
  5. Were there any complaints against him from the neighbor?
  6. Did he cause any disturbance for his neighborhood?
  7. Did he face any lawsuit in the past?

If you are landlord and you are writing a character reference letter for a landlord, you have to mention these things clearly. If the person was good enough, tell the landlord clearly and if he caused problems for you, make sure you don’t tell lies. The landlord will be depending on your reference letter to hand over his property to a stranger, so it’s your responsibility that you tell him the truth, whatever it is.

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Format of Character Reference Letter for Landlord

You can read a character reference letter for landlord sample to get an idea about the format of this letter. This is a formal letter, so you have to write it seriously and carefully. Here is the general format of this letter. You can follow the format, but content should be written in your own words.


Generally, salutation like to whom it may concern are written. If the person is applying at many places to rent a property, it will be fine. But if to are writing this letter for a particular person in mind, it’s better to use his name in the salutation. You can write it as “Dear Mr. Smith Jones” or “Dear Ms. Milanda Mathew”.


When you write personal reference letter for a landlord, you have to introduce yourself, who you are a how you know the person. If you are his former landlord, you have to tell about the property on which he was living and for how long he was your tenant. If you know him other than that, like he was your coworker or a family friend, you can also mention that too.


This part is the essence of the reference letter for landlord. You have to mention his qualities as a tenant. If he was living as your tenant, it will be easier for you to tell how dutiful he was in paying his rents and utility bills. How happy his neighbors were and how he helped the people around him. Avoid over exaggerating the things and make sure to tell the truth only. If you are writing character letter for a coworker, you can also mention the job securities.


In the end, you have to ensure the landlord that he is a safe person and you are recommending him. Mention your name and address and sign the document. Offer the landlord that he can contact you, if he needs any additional information.

Tips on Writing Character Reference Letter

  1. Write the letter if you know the person closely and you have positive opinion about him.
  2. Write the letter in positive tone.
  3. Mention his relevant qualities.
  4. Don’t include personal details.
  5. It should be less than a page or one page at the most.
  6. Don’t tell any lie.
  7. Be honest in your opinion.
  8. Mention your contact information in the end.
  9. Edit your letter before you send it to concern person.
  10. Make sure it does not have any mistakes and errors.
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