professional character reference letter for court child custody

Writing a Character Reference Letter for Court

A character reference letter for court child custody is required, if you are having a family battle in court. This letter is required to ensure that the holding person has good mental and physical health. He is earning well to afford the child and he has all the facilities required for the upbringing of the child. It is also concerned about the sufficient income and housing facilities, necessary for the child custody.

Reference letter for court child custody, as well as character reference letter for student, is an important document, as it will be presented in court. It should be properly written, and all the details should be carefully mentioned. It can be used as an evidence of the person ability to keep the child, so you should be very sure that you want to write this letter for the person and whatever you right should be true.

Who Should Write a Character Reference for Child Custody

When it comes to letter of reference for court regarding child custody, there are few persons to ask for this. The person should not be from your family. A family friend, who have seen your association with the child can be a suitable option. You can request a neighbor to write a letter for you. Similarly, a family doctor can also help you in this regard. A coworker, who has known about your struggle for the child, can also write this letter for you.

However, it’s a very important document, which can play a vital role in the custody of your child. So, if you are not sure about the content and other details, it’s better to hire a reference letter for court child custody service. They have professional writers, who can write a perfect letter for you. They can write the content for you and they will do proper formatting as well, making it ready to present in court.

professional character reference letter for court child custody sample

Format of Letter

You can see the example character reference letter for court child custody for the format of the letter. This is a one-page letter, which should not be more than that. Here is a general format of this letter, which you can follow to write your own:


This is a small paragraph, in which you tell the court about yourself. You write, who you are and what you do. You also write about your relationship with the person or how you know him. You also tell the court from how long you have known the person, for whom you are writing this letter.


This can be a big paragraph, or you can split it into two or more small paragraphs. In this paragraph, you have to mention the relationship between parent and child. You have to narrate the incidents, which reflect that child is the whole world for his parent and he or she is a very caring and loving parent. You can further add about the sacrificing nature of the person and convince the court that child will remain safe and healthy, mentally and physically, with this parent. You can also mention personal nuances of the parent. You have to strongly recommend the individual for the child custody.


The last paragraph is closing, in which you reassure the court that this person is ideal choice of the custody. You also provide your contact information, for any further information.

This is a general format, you can see character reference letter for court child custody sample. However, don’t copy anything from sample.

Tips on Writing

Here are few tips, which can help with writing character reference letter:

  1. Before you start writing the letter, write few key points which you plan to mention in the letter and discuss them with the person.
  2. Provide your home address and designation in the beginning.
  3. If you use internet for help, make sure you read samples and examples for the reference letter for court. Character reference letter for student or for any other purpose will be entirely different.
  4. Whatever you write should be true. Don’t exaggerate the things and don’t tell lie.
  5. Instead of saying that he is a loving parent. Narrate an incident that show his love for the child.
  6. If there is something special to mention in the letter, discuss with the person and focus on that in your writing.
  7. If you are confused, you can get help form the writing services too.
  8. Provide your contact information for further information.
  9. Edit and proofread the document.
  10. As it will be presented in court, so make sure that it has no errors and mistakes.
professional reference letter for court child custody

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