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Writing a Character Reference Letter for a Teacher

Need professional help with writing character reference? Check out how to write the best one! Like any other field, character reference letter for a teacher is also very important. Teacher can ask his senior, principal or coordinator to write this letter. It is required when a person wants to join a school, college, university or any educational institution as a teacher. It can be a subject teacher, music teacher or teacher for practical skill. No matter, what kind of teaching job it is, letter of reference for teacher is must.

When it is a character letter for teacher, it has to be a comprehensive document. It needs to state about his or her teaching skills and her qualities as a person too. It will be easier for you to write this letter if you know the person closely or had worked with him in the past. If you don’t have enough information about him, it’s better to decline his request to write character letter, politely. Because, although, you don’t have to write personal details, it’s important that you know him, in person.

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Who to Select?

If you need reference letter for a teacher, you have many options for the writer. The writer depends on the field of your teaching. If you are a music teacher, you can ask your senior in the institution to write a letter for you. If you were teaching in school or college, the principal of the school or a senior teacher can be an ideal choice. In university, you can request to write a character letter for you to your department head or a senior faculty member. In nutshell, a person who is well aware of your teaching abilities can write this letter for you.

However, if you have no one in hand, you can use writing services too. They have experienced writers, who know all the key points which are necessary to mention while writing a reference letter for a teacher. They can write a perfect letter for you without any trouble.

What to Include in Character Reference Letter for a Teacher

If you have to write a character letter and you are confused about the content, you have to do a bit of research. Read sample character reference letter for a teacher and you will get the idea about the content. Here are few points, which you must include:

  1. You must mention how you know the person and how you are related to him. It’s also important to mention the duration of which you have known each other.
  2. You have to mention his or her teaching skills, analytical skills, class management techniques and other related skills.
  3. You need to include his or her personal characters like honesty, responsibility and time management.
  4. You also need to add that you recommend this person for the teaching job.
  5. You have to mention your name, designation and contact number in the end. Also offer the recruiter to contact you, if he needs more information.

10 Useful Phrases

You can read a sample character reference letter for a teacher, to know the popular phrases. Here is a list of 10 useful phrases, which you can use in your letter:

  1. Highly recommended
  2. Professional development
  3. Ideal leader
  4. Wonderful rapport
  5. Conceptual teaching
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Task accomplishment
  8. Enthusiastic teacher
  9. Focused worker
  10. Develop creative lesson plans
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What You Should Not Include…

If you see a sample reference letter for teacher, you will notice that it explains all good points and any negative points are not mentioned in them. Here are few points, which you should not include in character letter, if you are writing it for teaching job:

  1. Some words and phrases are very commonly used, after listening to them so many times, they have lost their impact. Don’t include such phrases in your letter, they will make it an ordinary letter. Find some impactful synonyms, which are less common and have a strong impact.
  2. Teaching position is very respectable. You have to rate the person very highly if you want him to get this job. Avoid writing comments like “above average” or “better than others”. They reflect a very average feeling about the person.
  3. When you write the qualities of the person, you have to show enthusiasm. If you tell that he is hardworking and dutiful, it will seem very casual. You have to narrate some incidents, which prove that he is dutiful and vigilant.
  4. Avoid unnecessary details and personal things. You have to be very focused. Talk about his abilities which are related to this job and his personality. Not include personal things and irrelevant details.
  5. Don’t include details about yourself. You have to tell who you are and how you know the person, but too many details about yourself are not required. You have to tell about the person you are recommending, focus on that.
  6. If you know some weaknesses of the person, don’t talk about that. You have to portray a positive personality of the person. Don’t make any negative comment in any sense.  It will send the wrong message.
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