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Writing a Character Reference Letter for a Friend

Character reference letter is the letter about the personality of a person. When you write a character reference letter, you don’t talk about his skills and academic qualifications. You write about his personality, character, and nature. It’s very important that you know the person closely and write about him in a positive way.

Character reference letter is very important for the person, for whom you are writing it. So, you have to write it carefully.

When you have to write a character reference letter for a friend, you may consider hiring character reference letter writing service. Because it can be a vital document in some situations. The content of the letter depends on the reason or situation, for which your friend needs this letter. If he needs it for a job, you will write about his qualities like honesty, teamwork, and responsibility. On the other hand, if he needs to rent a house, you will write about how he respects others’ privacy, his cleanliness, and fair character. So, the content of the letter depends on the purpose. Before you start writing personal character reference letter for a friend, you have to discuss him the purpose of this letter and then write it accordingly.

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Format of Character Reference Letter

Writing a character reference letter for a friend needs some serious attention. You have to provide a little information about yourself, that who you are and how you know the person. You also have to mention specific skills, which are related to that particular situation. Here is a general format of character reference letter, which can help you to write a letter of reference for a friend:


Salutation is the first thing to start the letter. For general letters “To Whom It May Concern” is used. However, it’s always better to address the person with his name. It gives personal feelings. So, if you know the person, whom you are writing this letter, mention his or her name. You can write “Dear Dr. Matthews” etc.

Paragraph 1

After salutation, you have to start the first paragraph. First, you have to describe that how you know the person. Tell the time period, in terms of years, for which you have known the person. You also have to explain that why you are the right person to write this letter. As you are writing a reference letter for a friend, which is also a recommendation letter, these details will make it clear that how well you know the person.

Paragraph 2

In the 2nd paragraph, you have to write about your friend. Keep the reason of writing this letter in mind and write those qualities of him, which are relevant to that particular context. Clearly explain that why your friend is qualified for that particular job or get the house for rent and why you are writing this reference letter for him. Mention event and examples, when your friend demonstrated those qualities, which you have mentioned. If required, you can split this information into two different paragraphs.


After writing details, write a brief summary explaining why you are recommending your friend.  Clearly mention that you are recommending this person for the job or membership of the club etc.

After writing this brief summary, you have to offer the person that he can contact you, if more information about your friend is required. Don’t forget to mention your phone number or email address. Finish the letter with your full name and signatures.

Tips for Writing Reference Letter

Here are few tips for you, which can help to write character reference letter:

  1. Write the letter, if you know the person closely. If you don’t know him well, you may not be able to write this letter properly.
  2. You can see the reference letter for a friend sample, to get the idea about the format and content. However, try not to copy from any source.
  3. If you doubt any information, ask your friend. The information you provide should not contradict with his CV, job application or any other document.
  4. You have to be specific, instead of writing non-relevant long list of traits. Focus on few characteristics, which are relevant to the context.
  5. For this kind of letter, you should use business letter format, which is commonly used for character letter for immigration. This is important if you are sending it through post mail.
  6. You have to be positive in your approach. This letter can play a very important role in the life of your friend.
  7. If there is a deadline for the submission of reference letter, keep that in mind and submit before the deadline.
  8. You can find different templates online. However, try not to copy anything from any source.
  9. You don’t have to be personal while writing this letter, but as you are writing this letter for your friend, it must have a personal touch.
  10. Edit the letter, once you are done. Editing and proofreading is very important.

Reading character letter for a friend sample can give you some idea about writing this letter.

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