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Writing a Character Letter for Immigration

A character reference letter for immigration purpose is the recommendation that is written by someone on the behalf of the applicant to support his immigration application or some other associated proceedings. Immigration courts have some considerable discretion. The purpose of writing a character letter is to favor the applicant by highlighting positive personal characteristics.

Migration to a country is not an easy process. You have to go through different hearings and a lot of documental processes in order to be transferred legally into that new country. One of the most important and the common document in this process is a character reference letter for immigration. The government and the court will check the letter to gauge that the person wants to migrate possess good moral character or a character that makes him eligible for the migration.

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What to Include in Immigration Character Letter?

Character recommendation letter for immigration should include personal information such as your professional and personal relationship with the applicant, positive qualities of the applicant, and expected contributions of the person in future for the country.

Here the point is to tell short story about the past of the applicant and to give details about the relationship between the immigrant and the reference-writer. In writing a character letter you should share anecdotes so that is should look less like the list of claims instead of compelling personal narrative. Here are some points that you should include in the letter:

  1. Salutation and date: Write down the date of your draft which is then followed by the salutation. If you are the boss of the applicant, you may also start with the company stationary or the company letterhead.
  2. Give brief introduction: You have to introduce yourself. Write your name, profession and the relationship with the requestor and for how long you know him.
  3. Give an idea about the character of applicant: You must have to keep in your mind about the purpose of your writing and then give some examples of what you are trying to prove about the applicant. For example, if you are writing a letter for immigration that has planned to do work then you will write his professional abilities and work ethics as well.
  4. Strong closing: Write a heartfelt and sincere recommendation. Relate your testimonies with the purpose of your writing.
  5. Leave contact detail: Write your contact details like your phone number or an email address so that immigration officer can do contact with you for the verification of the things you wrote in the letter. You can add your work phone number in case you are an employer of the person.
  6. Affix signature: Write a closing greeting after the last paragraph. And after two lines, write your name and affix your signature.
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Mistakes in Writing Character Reference Letter

While writing the personal reference letter for immigration you should be careful as it is the most important document. It refers to the character of the person and it will help the judge to decide whether the applicant is eligible for the immigration or not.  People do some mistakes while writing the letter and these mistakes make the applicant non eligible for the migration so you should be careful when you are writing the letter. Make sure to avoid these mistakes. Here are some most common mistakes:

  • Write about the weakness of the candidate.
  • Mention anything that could prove as libel.
  • Write in an informal way.
  • Mention personal information that is not related to the application.
  • Write the political stance or the race of the applicant
  • Sloppy writing
  • Grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Give wrong information.
  • Write the lengthy letter.

Tips on Writing

The purpose of the writing a character reference letter for immigration or writing a character letter to a judge is to give proves that the applicant has good ethics and morals and he is, or he would be a valued member of the society. It is the best to write about some financial or emotional turmoil but of few lines only. Writer should be honest and sincere but it is the best to get the help of a professional writer. Followings are some important tips in this regard:

  1. Make sure to keep in mind the type of immigration throughout your writing.
  2. Introduce yourself clearly but briefly.
  3. The letter should contain only positive attributes of the applicant.
  4. Write little bit about his other aspects like his family background or his good relationship as well.
  5. Give some examples to support and illustrate the qualities of the person.
  6. The letter should not be lengthy, make it as concise as possible.
  7. Avoid private details that are not necessary.
  8. Make sure to write statement of recommendation.
  9. Give at least 2 pieces of information for the contact.
  10. Write correct information that can be verified.
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