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Needs for a Character Reference Letter

There are many circumstances that would cause someone to need a character reference letter written for them. This could occur when someone is attempting to get into a particular college; these are usually written by teachers or teacher’s aides. Another example would be for someone who is attempting to get a job; these are usually written by employers or co-workers.

When writing reference letters, you want to make sure the person reading your letter knows what relation you have to the person you are writing about. Introducing yourself should be one of the first things that you do. You might say, “I am writing this letter of reference for Cathy Smith, she is a student in the calculus class that I teach at Acme High School.” Another example would be, “Phillip Smith has been an employee of mine for five years, he is a part of my sales team at Acme Manufacturing.”

Character Letter Goals

The goal of a character reference letter is to explain to whoever will receive the letter, such as a business or college, why the person you are writing the letter for would be a good addition to their organization. If you are writing one of these letters for someone trying to get into a school, you would want to highlight examples of their academic excellence. An example of this would be, “Cathy has shown superior understanding of maths, she is at the top of her calculus class, and she tutors other students who are struggling with the subject.”

If the letter is being written for someone applying for a job, you would want to speak about their abilities and skills as they relate to the position they are applying for. In this circumstance, you might write, “Phillip has always been an excellent sales agent, he goes out of his way to listen to customer’s needs and match them up with the best product. Phillip’s customer’s are very loyal to him for this reason.”

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Add Personal Touches

Character letters also are most successful when they add personal observations about the subject of the letter. Often people want to know about the person they are considering. You do not have to get overly personal, but saying things like, “Cathy seems to enjoy math, I think this is one of the reasons that she excels in the subject.” Or you would write, “Phillip seems to genuinely care about his customers, they can tell this, and this seems to be the secret of his success.”

By introducing yourself, explaining the skills of the person you are discussing, and highlighting some of their personal characteristics, you can write a successful character reference letter.